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Communities in Charge

Incentives for Level 2 EV Chargers
Where Communities Live and Gather

Communities in Charge is California’s market-accelerating, light-duty electric vehicle (EV) charging incentive project funded by the California Energy Commission’s Clean Transportation Program, implemented by CALSTART, and supported in partnership with GRID Alternatives and Tetra Tech. Communities in Charge is designed to transform EV accessibility, rapidly catalyze new markets, and swiftly deploy Level 2 EV charging stations.

Communities in Charge is built to scale as funding is made available and aims to help set participants up for success before, during, and after chargers are installed. The project integrates transparent participation requirements and technical assistance to help participants plan for a successful project. The project team will offer support and outreach for participants of various readiness levels, with financial incentives reserved for projects with the highest levels of readiness.

Who may apply?

If you are the property owner, authorized lessee, or their authorized representative, you may apply for incentives for your Level 2 charging site.

All Project Sites are eligible, except where specifically indicated within the Implementation Manual. Sites may be for private, public, or mixed use to allow flexibility for their site hosts. At a minimum, Project Sites must abide by the requirements below:

  1. Premises must be well-lit, secure, and in compliance with all US federal, California state, and local laws, ordinances, rules, codes, standards, and regulations.

  2. Any Level 2 EVSEs made accessible to the general public must be available at least 18 hours a day, seven days a week, excluding holidays. (Project sites for businesses and organizations that provide charging primarily for their workers and multi-family housing sites are exempt from this requirement).

  3. All Level 2 EVSEs must be shared and may not be assigned or otherwise allocated to any one individual.

  4. Single-family dwellings (detached), duplexes, triplexes, individual townhomes, and individual mobile homes are not eligible site types for installation of Level 2 EVSEs with this incentive project. However, installations may include shared-use Level 2 EVSEs made available to residents domiciled in these housing developments.

  5. Installations for school bus charging are not eligible for incentives.

  6. Project Sites that have already been commissioned are not eligible for incentives.

How much are the incentives?

Base Incentives for Level 2 EVSE:

Amount Per Eligible Connector is up to $3,500, or 75% of eligible costs, whichever is less.

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