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California Conservation Corps

Hire a skilled crew for natural resource conservation, watershed protection, wildland fire prevention, active transportation, and other projects.

NEED A CREW? California’s local corps are an excellent resource for your environmental and community service projects. Our skilled, reliable and well-trained crews will meet your needs while building the next generation of environmental stewards in California. From landscaping to urban forestry, affordable housing construction to emergency response and a host of other Initiatives, local corpsmembers are trained by our experienced staff to meet the highest standards and get the job done with professionalism and efficiency.

To hire a corps crew for your next project, contact your state-certified local community conservation corps to discuss timeframe and project requirements.

Examples of Projects:

  • Sidewalk repair, removal and replacement

  • Scenic overlook construction

  • Demolition and deconstruction

  • Sign installation

  • Irrigation

  • Landscaping and tree planting

  • Median maintenance

  • Creation, restoration, or rehabilitation of trails

  • Urban park construction

  • Graffiti removal

  • Bike locker and bike rack installation and repair

  • Construction of pedestrian/bike paths

  • Wildlife fencing

  • Education and outreach

  • Recycling, including the recycling of CRV beverage containers, e-waste, used oil, and waste tires

  • Conservation education

  • Fuel Load Reduction:

    removing dead and dying trees, brush and vegetation to reduce wildfire intensity and rate of spread

  • Reforestation and Restoration

    • Native species reintroduction

    • Non-native plant removal/vegetation management

    • Nursery work for native planting and restoration projects

    • Tree planting and establishment watering

    • Scrub Oak restoration

    • Forest health

    • Dune and desert restoration

    • Meadow restoration

    • Wetland/Riparian Restoration:

      restoring or enhancing of waterways, mountain meadows and upland habitat

      • Stream bank stabilization through bioengineering and installation of gabions and log/boulder structures

    • Fisheries restoration

      • Fish stocking and hatchery work; fish surveys and tagging for study

      • Monitoring: fish populations, stream flow, water quality

    • Erosion control measures

  • Water conservation

    • Assist with grassroots outreach about water conservation

  • Urban & Community Forestry

    • increasing the urban tree canopy

  • Urban Greening

    • expanding or enhancing of neighborhood parks and community gardens

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