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California Climate Action Corps

Leveraging the power of AmeriCorps to advance climate actions that engage communities, cultivate change, and leave a lasting impact.

The program connects climate-related organizations to emerging leaders to move the needle on climate change in communities throughout the state. If you need help for your frontline climate work and are passionate about mentoring, we want to hear from you!

The service projects Fellows complete during their term should include a combination of the following elements:

  • Significant community engagement and volunteerism components that provide community members a way to take action on climate change issues.

  • Defined and measurable climate pollution reduction mitigation, adaptation, or resiliency activities in the focus areas of urban greening, organic waste and edible food recovery, and wildfire resiliency.

  • Solutions to a community’s unique environmental or public health vulnerabilities that help address disparities while promoting social and environmental justice.

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