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About the California Energy Commission
Building Energy Benchmarking Mandate


Under AB 802, all campuses with a utility meter serving > 50,000 square feet of gross floor area are required to submit their energy usage to the California Energy Commission for public disclosure, due June 1 annually. The California Energy Commission has begun imposing fines for noncompliance. This is an annual requirement that is similar but separate from the Chancellor’s Office Energy Calculator. We provide instructions for how to use your Portfolio Manager account to obtain data for the State Chancellor's Office Energy Use Calculator at the bottom of this page.​

Notice About 3rd Party Solicitations

The California Energy Commission (CEC) distributed the following message regarding the Building Energy Benchmarking Program:


NOTICE: It has come to our attention that third-party solicitation notices have been mailed to building owners throughout the state. These notices appear to be connected to the Benchmarking Program, however, this entity is not affiliated with the CEC.


The Benchmarking Program does not charge a fee to submit your benchmarking report.  Any entity offering to submit CEC-required reports on behalf of building owners is not associated with the CEC.


Please note that official compliance letters and other communications from the California Energy Commission will only come from


Colleges can confirm their compliance status at any time using the CEC's official lookup tool:


If you are not receiving email compliance notifications, reminders and more for your campus from the CEC, submit this form to update your contact information


FPPS offers paid services to help districts set up their Portfolio Manager accounts, upload energy use data (using energy bills or, under AB 802 Building Energy Use Disclosure and Public Benchmarking law, utilities will provide aggregated data for your campuses upon request), set up automatic energy data uploads into Portfolio Manager (available to customers of PG&E, SCE, SoCalGas, SDG&E, LADWP, SMUD, and Pacific Power), and/or submit their benchmarking reports. Please note that all of these tasks can be completed by districts themselves at no cost, and the ERSP has compiled the instructions for preparing and submitting reports for your campuses (due June 1 annually) below.

Step-By-Step Guide
for Submitting Benchmarking Report


Log in to ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager to update your OGSF and Energy Usage for the previous calendar year.

  1. Update the Gross Floor Area of each campus with the OGSF from your latest FUSION report.

  2. Enter each campus's energy use data manually or set up automatic monthly data uploads from PG&ESCESoCalGas, SDG&E, LADWP, Pacific Power, and/or SMUD. If you get your gas or electric from any other utility, or is generated onsite, that data will most likely have to be manually entered (using energy bills or, under AB 802 Building Energy Use Disclosure and Public Benchmarking law, utilities will provide aggregated data for your campuses upon request).


  1. In the ‘Summary’ tab, scroll down and click ‘Check for Possible Errors’

  2. Set the timeframe for ‘Dec 31, 2023, and then click ‘Run Checker’. This will identify errors in the report and how to correct them. Warnings about waste and water can be ignored. 

  3. Repeat Data Quality Checker for all properties with a Benchmarking Reference Number.


Report your energy use through the 2024 Link (For Reporting 2023 Calendar Year Data) here: Report Benchmarking Data

For guidance on how to generate and submit the report, see How to Respond to Data Requests in Portfolio Manager.


Check your compliance status at

You will receive one email from Energy Star confirming your data was successfully submitted. Within 1-2 days, you will also receive a letter from the California Energy Commission confirming your compliance status. The website may take 1-2 days to update with the correct status.

Questions? Reach out to Lisa Imai at for no-cost benchmarking setup assistance. Additional data entry and automatic data exchange setup services must be contracted through FPPS.

Chancellor's Office's Energy Usage Calculator


Portfolio Manager Guides and FAQs


This webinar will serve as a beginner’s guide to Portfolio Manager and provide you with all the essential “how-to” information you need to start benchmarking and reporting your building data to your local or state government.

Browse ENERGY STAR's calendar of upcoming Live Online Trainings, watch past Recorded Trainings, or download presentations from the Slide Library, follow along with Portfolio Manager demonstration videos, or bookmark Portfolio Manager “How-to” documents.

Browse or search the Frequently Asked Questions,
like How to benchmark a campus.

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